Dutch Mountains 1
Dutch Mountains 2
We Want It B(l)ack #1
We Want It B(l)ack
2nd Study after Velázquez, Francis Bacon,S. Eisenstein
Meanwhile, at the Opera
The Adolescent
King for a Day
Study of a Horse
In God We Trust
That Evening They Heard; Bombs Kill People
The Concert
Last Visit Grandpa
Woman Sitting in a Chair
The Spectators
The Psychiatrist
The Patient
The Patient 3
The Patient 2
The Doctor
Barflies 2
The Conversation
The Curator
The Scientist teaches his Family about Art
Study after Velázquez,Francis Bacon & Sergej Eisenstein
Woman Sitting In a Red Chair
The Anatomy Lesson of the Painting
Saint Jerome Writing 2015 (remastered)
Of Course I'm Lying
Disfiguring actor 2
Disfiguring Actor 1
Disfiguring actor 7
Disfiguring Actor 8
Disfiguring actor 12
Disfiguring Actor 16
Three Actors Preparing (Triptych)
Three Actors Preparing LEFT (Triptych)
Three Actors Preparing MIDLE (Triptych)
Three Actors Preparing RIGHT (Triptych)
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