"The paintings of Pepijn Simon"

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There's a wonderful artist whose work stirs all kinds of emotions within me. His name is Pepijn Simon and he's from the Netherlands. Simon turned to photography as a means to escape his turbulent childhood, but he quickly switched to painting.

What's amazing about his work is that he doesn't use a paintbrush. He uses old twisted credit cards. According to, "He begins with a black painted canvas and paints while it’s still wet. He applies the white paint without any sketching or use of photographs."

This guy is up there with the greats.

I can't wait for his work to be featured in the United States.

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India: New Delhi

2017 group, Pandora's Box, Great Banyan Art

India: New Delhi

2017 group, ‘Around the World in 7 Days’ at Saffron Art

India: New Delhi

2016 group, 'Tales of Art' Great Banyan Art

The Netherlands: Rotterdam

2016 group, Selected to exhibit at Rotterdam International Art Fair

England: London

2015 group, Gabriel Fine Arts, ALL RELIGIONS are ONE

The Netherlands: Breda

2011 group, Spijker expositie

Belgium: Knokke

2009 group, Pili Pili Art Gallery

The Netherlands: The Hague

2009 group Artenade

The Netherlands: Oude Leije

2009 solo Galerie Hein Kocken

A small interview by Marcy
What provokes you to make art?I have no idea. For me it's a bigger challenge not to make art.It is a way of life. A life without making art for me is no life.
Do you have collections?No, not that i 'm aware of.
Favorite mediums/ type of art:My favorite medium is painting.
Why?Painting offers many opportunities for artists to express themselves. There is always material available to create a work of art.
Least favorite mediums/ types of art:Textile art
Why?It reminds me of my grandmother.She also never managed to make something with decent it.
Favorite artist/s:Rembrandt van Rijn
Why?He was a master in expressing emotions in oil and was ahead of his time with his use of oil paint.
Favorite artwork/s:Balzac by Auguste Rodin.
Why?It is a masterpiece!When I succeed in order to paint a head like that,i'll be satisfied
Favorite art subject:My favorite subjects are people.
Why?I don't like landscapes
Favorite art movement:My favorite art movement is: expressionism
Why?Because the emotional value, the subconscious, the artist is experiencing as a result of the issue, prevails. This gives incredible new form their chance. Expressionism has but one law: that there are no laws, and that they should therefore not be imposed.I like that..

Do you still photograph, or is that a thing of the past?No, it is indeed a thing of the past

Do you do custom work?No, i don't
Why did you wait until 2015 to share your paintings?I painted all my life and always thought that I would first have to be mature before I go out with my work.Unfortunately am I unable to mature. So I just decided to put it out anyway.

You distort faces, but keep them recognizable.What are you trying to express by doing this?Is this inspired by any other artists?It's one thing that I loved about photography. Natural light is never the same, it changes every second.In the black / white paintings I try to capture that one second.With the colored paintings, it is an attempt to apply the modern way of painting on the existing works.
Do you work with other artists?No, i work alone.
Why don’t you use brushes and why do you use credit cards?There is no need for the use of brushes in the making of the black / white paintings. It benefits the speed if I do not use them.While making the colored paintings I certainly use brushes and all other things i can use to create the right image.

What are the benefits of working with a black painted canvas that is still wet?It helps to increase the speed.It gives beautiful grays and depth to the painting.
What made you want to recreate other artworks?The idea was to investigate how the paintings would have become if its creators had made different choices or had lived in this time.

Are you inspired by Francis Bacon?Francis Bacon is one of the people who inspire me.

Do you have any hobbies?Yes i have, i like listening to music and walk in the woods.

Have you ever been part of an art colony?No, i have never been part of a art colony.
How did your family life shape your artwork or passion in the field of arts?Art for me is a way to survive family life.
Was your mother artistic?Nope
Did she have a job?Nope

How was your childhood?Not very enjoyable
Were you ever bullied in school?No, not that i 'm aware of.
Were you gifted in more than just the arts?Things that I can not mention here
Did you always think you would become an artist?Yes, i knew it very early.
Have you had any/many other jobs?A few, just to survive
Are you single?No, never been.
If married, to whom are you married?Nope

Do you have siblings?A brother.
Was there any complications for you growing up?A lot.
How did your mother deal with being a single parent?She didn't.I was supposed to deal with it.
Do you have any mentors in life?I thought I had, but that was not the case.Since then I have been my own mentor.
Do you have any artistic mentors?I thought I had, but that was not the case.Since then I have been my own mentor, again..
What has deeply affected you through life?The loss of some friends.
Does it keep you from making art or does it make it harder to make art?It helps
Does it inspire you to keep making art?Of course it inspires me.
Do you have a mantra or any quotes you like?I like this one:“art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable”
Do you suffer from any disabilities?No, i don't
Where do you see art going? What is the new age of art?I do not think there are big changes coming soon.But art will become more technical , because there is more possible in that area in our days.

How has art of today influenced how you make art?Not only does the art of today affect how I make art.All the art I have ever seen, will have somehow affect on what I make.I try to be as independent as possible and try come to my own images.So it's hard to say just how the arts of today has influences on how I make art.I am probably a style anarchist.

Why don’t you like photography anymore?It is too limited for me.You are almost always dependent on existing objects and people, or worse, a computer and photoshop

What music inspires you?That depends entirely on my mood, but usually the music that does not fit that mood is the most inspiring.I have a huge collection of very different kinds of music, so there is always something that fits.
How did you overcome your childhood challenges?I am giving the past a place, in the paitings, where it belongs.That's all.