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Pepijn Simon was five years old when his teacher had his class listen to music while painting, and he distinctly remembers thinking it was the most important lesson of his life.

The rest of school, he says, wasn’t as inspiring. Naturally, he pursued art, and most recently, paint has served as his weapon of choice. Simon grew up in the Netherlands without a father, and with a mother who was somewhat aloof. He turned to art in order to foster his own safe haven. At a young age, he got the hell out of Dodge to pursue photography and attend Fotoacademie Amsterdam. Soon, however, photography started to feel limiting, so he began to paint. This summer, he is sharing his paintings for the first time.
These paintings began as an experiment to see how much one can eliminate from the face without losing recognition. “We are all programmed to see faces and to recognize emotion in them. There is ultimately a combination between realism and abstraction that is needed to portray an emotion”, he says. A friend in art school noticed a face in a painting and this inspired the work. He had what Simon describes as “a certain look in his eyes.” He says, “I didn’t pay much attention to it. Years later, I painted this series of portraits, and I finally understand that look.” It is clear that these are human figures, but everybody is going to see the characters differently. Personally, I can’t shake the image of Meltman from Action League Now.
Simon paints without the use of any brushes. In fact, he is using old twisted credit cards. He begins with a black painted canvas and paints while it’s still wet. He applies the white paint without any sketching or use of photographs. “I try to catch the person who reveals himself in the paint at that moment. This goes very fast. Shortly afterwards, I decide, while the paint is still wet, if it can stay or not. If not, then I start the process again.” For Simon, the dark paintings are an expression of miscommunication between people and the reflected emotions.

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Study after Velázquez, Francis Bacon & Sergej Eisenstein. Pope Innocent X
100 x 140 cm
Pepijn Simon

There seem to be a ‘Predestined’ affinity to the emotions Light creates, in the Lower Countries, that Northern side of Europe, from where the world inherited some of the finest paintings, throughout centuries of Art History.  As I learned of @pepijn-simon, inspirational affinity for Auguste Rodin, I come to better sense the three dimensional depth of this excellent work, which further infused by a certain ‘irreverence’, we first saw in Francis Bacon, who was not afraid to challenge that ‘establishment’ for which the great Velázquez painted.  It is not surprising that a 1967-born artistic soul would have been the one to best translate this highly naturalistic oeuvre to such a three dimensional structure and layered depth.  As an earlier @ganymedesrocks post suggested, Simon’s interpretation is actually more ‘architecturally’ visual than Bacon’s rendition.  That is because @pepijn-simon erects that emotion, from within the layering, instead of a simple fusion of realism and abstraction, which enhances both the figurative and the naturalistic force.  The surface, from the vibrancy of its colours, light and shadows, now becomes a statue-on-canvas, whereto it rallies the Sergei Eisenstein (1898-1948) eye; both a cinematic and an architectural sense of perspective.








I love art with a passion. Sometimes I wish I was skilled with my hands. Maybe with practice...but my first love is writing, and I can't bring myself to try new things because I feel guilty for not writing...

Enough of that.

There's a wonderful artist whose work stirs all kinds of emotions within me. His name is Peijn Simon and he's from the Netherlands. Simon turned to photography as a means to escape his turbulent childhood, but he quickly switched to painting.

What's amazing about his work is that he doesn't use a paintbrush. He uses old twisted credit cards. According to, "He begins with a black painted canvas and paints while it’s still wet. He applies the white paint without any sketching or use of photographs."

You can read more about Simon here, and if you fall in love with his work, you can actually purchase his paintings. 
This guy is up there with the greats.
I can't wait for his work to be featured in the United States.




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2nd Study after Velázquez, Francis Bacon & Sergej Eisenstein. Pope Innocent X
100 x 140 cm
Pepijn Simon 2016

Born from the 1967 Netherlands cradle of artists, felt those emotions that often lead to a call as early as the age of 5.  He turned to art in order to foster his own safe haven.  Simon knew rapidly that each emotion is a fusion of realism and abstraction, from which that instant becomes portrayed by it through the hands of the artist that vehicles them.  Simon paints without the use of any brushes. In fact, he is using old twisted credit cards as a kind of vehicle to lay down the vision; the sketch if you will.  Particularly because he paints from a felt emotion, the process is very fast, revealing the characters shortly thereafter, which he then accents while the paint is still wet; deciding what can stay and what is superfluous to “the message” he pursues.  Some may look at his work and feel it very “Bacon”, very  “Velázquez” and therefore very influenced.  Now, the lest we forget, most great Masters, never shied away from copying ‘miles’ of existing works prior to let their voice render there more personal message.  What counts is the force within how these influences are rendered.  The result is striking; the artist worth watching.








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“The paintings of Pepijn Simon”

Article by Sarah Wasko

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Pepijn Simon